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Venus Lux
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In an enticing black see-through dress, stockings and stilettos, Venus Lux has her man right where she wants him. While the two cuddle and kiss, each has a hand on the others growing dick. That feels so good, she admits, nows the time for some oral interaction. Proving her throat is as good as it looks, the femme fatale savors every inch. With his hand firmly stroking her, she purrs for more and sits atop. As Venus amazing ass slides down onto his member, both moan at the sensation, he will cream her. The sex is sensual and filled with offerings of a true connection, his precum naturally lubes her hole. As their bodies intertwine and undulate to satisfy, each is getting closer to release, I want you on your back so I can see you cum, he remarks. With her heavenly form in front of him, he continues to thrust as she moans, oh, right there. Eyes roll back as Venus dick throbs and explodes all over her dress, he finds her offerings and feverishly laps the ambrosia. Promised a creampie, he spoons and nuzzles her hair, his dick works hard and fast for the bounty. Streams of his hot cum coat her hole, inside and out, they gaze into one anothers eyes with complete fulfillment.

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