The Lab Rats Anal Orgasms With Natalie Mars And Charlotte Sa

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Charlotte Sartre
Natalie Mars
Hardcore Pornstars Shemale and Female Shemale Domination

Dr. Natalie Mars has created Charlotte Sartre to study the advancement of human sexual growth. Though various nodes placed throughout Charlottes body, Dr. Mars is able to experience the same sensations as her Charlotte. But every experiment comes with some set backs and today Charlotte is having trouble with her anal node. Dr. Mars wastes no time in getting Charlotte undressed and ass up on her metal lab table. She probes Charlottes ass with her fingers before using several metal plugs to stretch her anal cavity, so she may peer inside. After visually examining Charlottes anal cavity, Natalie decides its time to try and reboot the system using electricity. She places anal beads with an electric current in Charlottes ass. Charlotte moans as the beads pulse inside her. Next Natalie decides they better try a bigger toy. Charlotte takes a thick electro dildo in her ass, but the problem persists. If Charlottes anal node is functioning properly, perhaps its the one in Dr. Mars that needs to be reset. With Charlottes ass filled, Dr. Mars inserts an electro plug into her own ass to test that theory. She moans as the plug fills her up and leans over to make out with Charlotte. At la

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