I Am Aubrey - Pig-Tailed Dolls

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Aubrey Kate
Kenzie Taylor
Ricky Larkin
Anal Bareback Blowjob Hardcore Pornstars

This documentary hardcore hybrid scene combines backstage footage, candid interviews and a freewheeling, alt-sex threesome to expose the glamour and personality of TS superstar Aubrey Kate. She tells us that elaborate personal styling is among the things she loves in porn, and that for convention appearances, she wants a different look each day. Aubrey describes the process: Im sitting on the floor getting my nails done, getting my hair done, getting my makeup done, and the ladys on the floor doing my toes. I feel like a queen. She loves modeling, sex and the sense of belonging she gets in the XXX industry -- I finally feel included in something. Aubrey relates funny anecdotes about the sexual naivety of her growing-up years, when Halloween was the only time she was permitted to dress as a girl. All I wanted to do was play with Barbies, but that was allowed only at home. I always wanted to be a Barbie when I was younger, just cuz I couldnt be myself. Barbie was like my escape. She still feels that the iconic doll is a part of her, so Aubrey liked the idea of two Barbie lookalikes playing with a guy in a scene. Blonde cisgender female beauty Kenzie Taylor and muscular Ri

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