Twenty-four year old Shizuka comes from the Shizuoka Prefect

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Shizuka Momose
Asian Beautiful Japanese Ladyboy

Twenty-four year old Shizuka comes from the Shizuoka Prefecture which is known for its iconic Fuji Mountain. Having starred in seven adult movies she is very popular among escort clients even in the capital city of Tokyo. Shizuka is also very intelligent. She has a degree in Economics from Japans very top elite university the Tokyo University and was employed by one of the nations top businesses. In fact there was quite a mainstream media stir in Japan about her elite backgrounds and her decision to transition. Shizuka enjoys surfing the internet and travel. Having studied in Hawaii for a year and been in Mexico, Bulgaria, the U.S., Australia, China and Singapore she is quite a world traveler. Shizuka prefers Western porn to Japanese porn and finds White men most attractive in general. Before transition, after work she used to hang out in town all dressed-up as a girl and meet men for sex in places like a cinema. While she was having fun with all the hook-ups as a girl, she gradually d

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